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Welcome to my little homested at freeservers. This is my personal home page.

Hi, Im JD

A photo taken of me
at the 519 KWIKSTOP

I administer www.gigdig.com and
several other domains as a hobby.

I do alot of experimenting in computer networking. A few of my friends think that it's weird but it's a great hobby.

My networks are not run for profit. On occasion i will place a click-thrue ad (or a donation box) on a page or two to help offset the cost of maintaining the networks.

I setup this domain at freeservers while conducting some DNS learning experiments. A certain experiment didn't turn out the way that i expected it to but i was pleased with the results. So pleased infact, that i decided to host my personal home page here.

If you need to contact me, My email address is: jd@gigdig.com Page last updated Monday, August 04, 2003